About us

Avanti! is a civil organisation in culture focused on establishing a contemporary art centre in Savičenta, Croatia. Having this as a main goal, Avanti! will gradually implement an integral cultural programme with international and regional artists, including local community, developing local resources an learning from the local culture. Avanti! will work with the potential of a small community suitable for development of a new participatory model of collaboration in culture. Avanti! organisation collaborates with artists, individuals and groups working in culture and all related areas of visual arts, film/video, performing arts, design and architecture. Special attention is given to cooperation with the local community, educational institutions and other cultural and independent initiatives. In addition, Avanti! deals with organising innovative presentation and exhibition formats, publishing and in organising public lectures in Savičenta and in the region of Istra. Program activities of the Avanti! organisation can be summed up as 'transforming tradition in contemporary culture' quoting so the very notion of the avant-garde, which includes all those events and historical and modern practices that announced or are announcing new and upcoming, with visible social and political engagement. With a critical stance towards the already established models and traditional formats, associations Avanti! works in the field of contemporary art and culture making it accessible to all, not only as users but as co-creators.

Avanti! Centre Avant-gardes will:
  • Explore realistic preconditions for establishing a cultural community Avanti! Center, on artistic and organisational level, but also through a variety of initiatives that establish a dialogue with the local community and local government. 
  • Hold focus groups with representatives of local associations and the Municipality of Svetvinčenat with the aim of determining the cultural needs of the local population.
  • Act specifically in the context of a rural place with an existing cultural scene, with focus on creating a framework for contemporary art production through local and international cooperation relevant for cultural growth and development of Svetvinčenat.
  • Initiate and run socially useful cultural projects that seek to identify and activate innovative models of cooperation at regional and local level.


Avanti! Center Avant-gardes
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