Forward Avanti!

Forward Avanti! is an annualy curated production of a new site-specific work by a contemporary Croatian artist, in Svetvinčenat. It aims to further develop contemporary Croatian new media practice by supporting the artist’s experimental and exploratory process while connecting with the local art scene of Svetvinčenat, and also to decentralize it and build up it’s visibility as well as the presence of (new media) artworks in smaller communities that lack continuous institutional support.
Nina Kurtela visits Svetvinčenat, 2019
This production programme is envisaged as giving the artist financial and curatorial support in realization of his/hers new work. Nina Kurtela is the first artist selected for the programme because of her previous specific work and artistic approach in relation to social context. While she had stayed in Svetvinčenat for a couple of times during the year, Nina participated in different local customs and ceremonies and events, and also communicated with the local people.

Nina Kurtela, artist talk, Oštarija Ferlin, Svetvinčenat, 2019
She conceived a new work based on her research, one which raises questions on the relation of the artistic space and social rituals, human/nature coexistence while clearing the borders between private and public, visible and invisible, which was presented on an Artist talk held in Svetvinčenat, last November.


(local for “work, Labour”) Land art project

Kurtela is into (in)visibility of the process of work and the process of becoming, wether it is about the artists work in progress or the realisation of the work itself. She conceived it as a natural, synergic process realized with cooperation, willing or rather spontaneous (natural) in between her as an artist and the local population, the natural environment (meadow) and farm animals (mostly cows), who have a lead role in this. On a grazing meadow next to the main road and close to Svetvinčenat, Kurtela will set up a short electric fence writing the word “Delo” (meaning “work, labour, job” on a local istrian dialect). Kurtela’s starting point for this kind of work was found in the contrast of almost a routine everyday of a small rural Svetvinčenat to the urban, speedy, unexpected project everyday life of a big urban unity, even more in the relation towards working processes in diverse environments, natural, social and, of course, economical. By writing the word “delo” in the natural environment on Svetvinčenat meadow, Kurtela creates a spatial-temporal intervention and its visibility is depending on the everyday ritual of pasture. Only after some time, after the grass and other intact herbs had grown one will be able to recognize the written letters. Considering the carefully chosen location for the installation and its deep connection to the natural cycles, we can expect this intervention to be visible in spring 2020.