Weekend Utopia

Project Weekend Utopia in Svetvinčenat | Artist Marko Lulić meets director of museum of sculpture Glaskasten Marl Georg Elben and members of the Avanti! association in Svetvinčenat in August 2018

This project is a step in establishing the Centre in which we apply the process of translating the methods and the language of historic avant-garde paradigms into contemporary, searching for new forms of their application. With translating historic elements of art and culture, as it is in the case of the artist Marko Lulić and his work Lulić House No1 quoting a modernist architecture from the mid century, we are developing a dialogue with the reneissance architecture and urban plan of Svetvinčenat and its natural environment. The artistic tool of translating, a certain reading with understanding ensures a better acceptance of the past in a today’s cultural environment and enables a setup of a broader platform for creative processes overcoming the stereotypical limitations and conventional understanding of the cultural field and its influence on the present, on the social, cultural and political reality.

Presentation and meeting in Gallery P74, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2018
We started to collaborate with <rotor> Centre for contemporary art (Graz, Austria), P74 Galery (Ljubljana, Slovenia) and Trieste Contemporanea gallery specifically by interacting and exchanging experience, working together on the art project of the Austrian artist Marko Lulić and the realization of the public, participative and multifunctional installation Lulić House No1 (Weekend Utopia, later on Savičenta Portals), an artwork functioning as an announcement of the space for the future art Centre Avanti!. 
Presentation and meeting in <rotor> Centre for contemporary art, Graz, Austria, 2018
As part of this project, the artist has visited Svevtinčenat for the first time and held meetings with the artistic direction of Avanti! organisation, but also the representatives of the local municipality and the community on the subject of the infrastructure possibilities, the operational framework and future activities schedule. An important part of the project is the development of the international network of future collaborators of Avanti! (Avanti! Polygon) which was contributed by presentations of our work to our international partners held at their galleries in Ljubljana, Graz and Trieste.